What will your kids remember?

Our kiddos? Well they will remember Mum and Dad howling with laughter at Internet Memes, cursing the selfish and greedy hoarders, and complaining bitterly at the lack if actual real zombies.

They wont remember stress at home, or having to fight their way through a 10 year supply of toilet roll just to cross from one side of the house to the other.

They will remember not having to go to school (it seems they will be off after Friday) but Mum still heading out to work every day to earn a crust and working hard to be able to provide an online service/click and collect/delivery so people who can’t go out to shop can still have fresh meat, fruit and veg all while supporting the local businesses and suppliers that will be worst hit financially.

They will remember learning how to cook healthy and frugal meals from scratch with their Dad, and other essential life skills like laundry and washing up. And no doubt thrashing him on various computer games too.

Yes this virus sucks. But it doesn’t have to ruin their childhood when they are fit and healthy. For most of us there is no need to stress. So why stress them out? I’ve asked my lot how they feel about it all and they are all 4 pretty chilled out. Mostly because WE are.

What will your kids remember?

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