First WI on the FitBit Aria Air

So this morning was the moment of truth. Comparing the old battered scales with the shiny new Fitbit scales.

First off I lined up the old scales and normal and popped on. 13st 13lb… normally I would be turning cartwheels at dropping to the next stone bracket but honestly as I was 14st 2lb 1/4 on Saturday it seemed a little unlikely. Perhaps Hubby was right and they have had one knock too many.

Next…. new scales in the same place. Weigh in at 14st 2lb. Sad… but far more likely to be true. I can believe I lost a quarter pound. If Saturdays WI can be believed. At least it’s close enough and not a gain from my official weigh in. I’ll take it.

I’ve set Hubby up on the new scales but he hasn’t been on them yet. I suspect he wont bother till Saturday.

Official Weigh In on Fitbit Aria Air

Meantime we are still on coronavirus watch. Schools are still open for the 4 kiddos but at work they are dropping like flies. 3 off as of this morning. And it looks like half the business will have closed doors thanks to the “no social gathering” ruling this evening. The kids have been to their last session at the scout hut until after Easter, school has cancelled all clubs including jujitsu, but at least swimming is still open. I think… guess I’ll have to check that again closer to Saturday.

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