So. Much. Food.

Seriously… this Pastitsio (from guess where… PON!) We tweaked the recipe: split it 6 ways instead of 8. Increased the mince to 500g coz that’s what was left over from the kofta and we didn’t want to waste it. Expected it to be a bazillion points. It was only 9! And there was soooo much of it!

Hubby says he’s not sure it was worth the amount of dirty pots it generated. I think he was just I’ll prepared (but I’m not daft enough to say that to him – not when he’s just munched a whole packet of dried cranberries thinking they were free. I just told him that dried fruit in fact is not free. Not happy). I think it was lovely! It reminded me of the moussaka my mum used to make. Only with pasta instead if aubergines.

Its hard to give a kid rating to this one because 2 of them had to leave half way through to go to the Scout Hut. 1 of 4 kids ate it all. But there was TONS so if we reduced the quantity then who knows. I think it’s worth another try.

Meantime I need to find something small to snack on to meet my minimum points requirement!

Find the recipe here:

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