Sunday is NOT a cheat day

No. It certainly is not a cheat day. But it is a fat day. In our house anyway. Why? Because it’s the day I say yes to the Full English and Sunday Roast.

Why isn’t it a cheat day? Well for one I don’t believe in cheat days anymore. I used to. But then an occasional cheat day became regular cheat days. Then multiple days. Then bye bye weight loss.

This….? Well this is a day where I still point everything knowing full well I will dig deep into my weekly points. But never over them. And I spend the rest of the week building them back up with rollovers and fit points.

A lot of people I know save all their weeklies for a weekend or weigh day blow out and this is much the same only mine go at the start of the week and not the end. It works for me… keeps me in check still because I don’t want to run the risk of having no buffer for the rest of the week. And yes, it means that I don’t get that covered 7 day “blue dot” streak but I can live with that. What I am not willing to live without is my lovely Sunday feast!

Last time I was on WW I did this “Sunday Fat Day” and I still lost the weight so I am happy to do it again this time. For now at least. Long may it last!

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