Disappearing Covid-19 app alerts cause alarm – BBC News


So I’ve had one of these notifications, and when I tapped it the notification vanished and I was given no more info.

Vanishing Covid-19 Notification

The virus will shut our business if it gets in so naturally I worry. We (my hubby, kids and myself) are fit & healthy and stick to our very small & safe bubble. We are covid secure at work and I follow all the right precautions when I go shopping (that’s all I do now – work, shop for food, be with my fam). I am confident that we wouldn’t pose a risk to anyones health if we caught it because we don’t come into contact with anyone other than in covid secure environments – but losing my job would be catastrophic for our family.

I’m glad I found this article that reassured me that as I had no further message in the app and no call to say isolate then I was good to carry on as (new) normal. Although I did tell my bosses that I’d had the notification albeit without any follow up. They were very glad I was taking annual leave this week!

Folks… even if you are unlikely to be seriously ill yourself, whether you believe in the virus and its health risks or not, please please PLEASE follow the guidelines and rules about washing hands, wearing masks and giving space. Not all the risks involved are risks to health. Where I work is a small family run business that cannot withstand any additional closure. Passing the virus to any of us shuts the business down forever and as well as putting more vulnerable staff members and customers health at risk, it takes away our livelihoods too. New jobs are scarce and the governments pot of cash to bale people out isn’t bottomless.

Imagine if you were in our shoes.

EDIT: Since writing this I have had another notification. Still no instruction in the app to isolate.

Another notification
High risk area, but no instruction to isolate

It’s a good job we are naturally antisocial… hoping nothing further happens. I’m almost out of annual leave and one persons stat sick pay won’t feed and pay the bills for 6 of us.

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