A new month

How the hell is it October already? This year is flying by. Mostly because every day is the same so marking the passage of time is harder… well thats my theory anyway.

My will power is struggling right now. Work is getting thr Christmas Stock in and I am spending time working with Christmas treats, finding Christmas themed recipes for the chef & bakery, and photographing meat with Christmas props. Food. Food. FOOD! I sampled a frangipane topped mince pie yesterday and pretty much went to food heaven! I pointed it though!

This weeks weigh in is a good one! 1.8lb (recording at 1 1/2 for my weekly stamp) so an improvement on the last two weeks. I really don’t know why it fluctuates so much but at least its heading the right way.

Another nice loss!

October will be a trial for the diet. Hubbys birthday and Halloween. No trick or treating but I still plan on treating the sprogs. And we will have a takeaway & cake for his birthday tea. But I’ll get through it. I feel like I have a handle on this diet now.

I’m on annual leave next week too. Planning on gutting the little kids bedroom in preparation for Christmas. I am toying with the idea of a new games console as the main Christmas prezzy for the kids this year. If I do then the old one can move to the little kids room (big kids have one – in case you hadn’t twigged we are a gamer family) but they need a more grown up room first. Perfect excuse for a much needed clear out! And I wNt to do that without the kids under my feet. As there is a chance that they might get sent home as a class isolating I want it done sooner rather than later!

Such domestic!

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