2021 into 2022

I’m not sorry to see the back of 2021. Its been a bit of a rollercoaster.

We lost my Dad in June. Covid meant I couldn’t travel to France to see him when he was ill but at least I did get to go to his funeral. Thinking about him a lot today – more so because today is also the anniversary of Hubby losing his mum.

And of course there is the whole covid thing still rumbling on. 1 sister in law caught it in Nov. She has thankfully recovered for the most part. Over Christmas Hubby’s stepmum and brother also tested positive but thankfully aren’t suffering too much. Omicron variant seems less horrific.

On the plus side 2021 brought me my awesome new job which I still love 8 months later. I go back tomorrow after the holidays and I cannot remember the last time I was not stricken with feelings of doom about heading back to my place of employment. I’m even looking forward to it!

And I have – until very recently – kept my weight down.

Recently. As in…. not currently. Nov & Dec were a bit heavy on the fun and food and now I have packed the weight on. I always do at Christmas so I’m not worried. It will shift.

26lb to goal

This is my starting point. My weigh in for Jan 1st 2022. No where near the 16st+ I was at the start of this journey but also not as close to the 10st I want to be. That I was once only 3lb away from!

How has this happened? Well…. things like this haven’t helped

Cheese platter!
Loaded Fries

Yeah I still like my food. And this is my last week of naughtiness while we scoff our edible gifts. Back on the scales on Saturday and tracking tracking tracking from then on. Hey… I know it works! I just need to get back on the wagon.

Meantime…. I am still playing games! POKEMON GO obviously. Minecraft & Minecraft Dungeons. And now…. Animal Crossing New Horizon. Yeah I’m late to this party but we only had one copy and kiddo 2 staked a claim on it early on. Now I have my own copy! And I haven’t done much else since I brought it home on Boxing Day.

Beautiful Northern Lights while night fishing

Don’t think this game will help with the weight loss much. Not unless someone gives me access to a treadmill to walk on while I play!

Happy New Year everyone. Hope 2022 manages not to be shite!

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