Shiny Charmander ♡

OK. So I didn’t get my Shundo. Or even a Hundo. But I have loved catching these adorable little lizards all day.

I caught a couple of 2☆ shinies but most were 0 or 1. I’ll keep hold of them for now. They might just come in for a Lucky Trade. And I did get a handful of 95%+ regular Chars so I’m not short of good Charizards. And I have a bucket load of Mega Evolution Candies too now thanks to all the research.

💕 Cutie 🔥 golden fire lizard 🦎

We are in Tier 3 of covid stuff now so no long drive out and about with the kids, or walk through the parks, so they lost interest pretty quickly. I think they are just looking forward to Gengar!

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