Another half pound

Slow and steady. Half a pound off. I’d lie if I said I didn’t wish it would come off quicker but loss is loss so no complaints. This last stone way always going to be the hardest.

Creeping Down

I am trying my hand at TikTok as more and more potential future employers are expecting experience with it. I haven’t braved showing my face in an actual video yet. I cringed at every attempt at a YouTube vlog I ever made. So I am sharing videos of my pokemon hunting and Weight Watcher app use. Not exactly going viral but I just want to get a hand on the platform.

But I’m on there at ChonkyPokemum if you wanna look me up.

Poor TikTok Attempt

In other news…. our whole county is under restrictions re covid. But as we are already a bubble of 6 is just means more of the same. No socialising full stop.

Dad is still making great progress with his chemo – and seems to have had a massive personality transplant (for the better) even expressing his support and affection for our gender fluid youngest child. Had a great video chat with him today.

Spoke to Mum on the phone yesterday and lamented the fact that we won’t see each other this Christmas. In fact we probably won’t see her again this year. Breaks my heart. She’s sending cash for the kids Christmas presents because she feels like she hasn’t seen them enough to know what to buy them.

In fact we won’t be going anywhere or seeing anyone this Christmas. No big get together with the in-laws. No panto. None of the great times we have every year. No Center Parcs either. Christmas is going to suck.

Work is still touch & go but I still have a job for now so I can’t complain too much. The stress and uncertainty is starting to get to me. I’ve fought hard against the stress and relied heavily on my anxiety/depression meds, and now winter is on the way which is just more pressure. Hibernation is looking very appealing right now.

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