Out with the kids

Saturday is our regular pokemon hunting day. But this week there has been a different mini event on both Saturday & Sunday so they were itching to get out and Catch ‘Em All. And since me and Hubs are as obsessed with the game as they are (in my case more so!) there was no arm twisting needed. Plus its extra steps on a Sunday that we dont normally get in.

Yesterday we were out completing missions in order to cast our votes for the star of this months community day. Personally I need Machop. This caused some healthy debate as not all the kiddos want the same ‘mon. The results are out tomorrow!

Today was Minccino missions. I caught this little cutie in the photo up there. A rare shiny Minccino. Son1 got two shiny ones. No one else in the fam was quite so fortunate. But I’m sure it will come round again.

I love having something that really engages the kids and encourages them to go out side – what ever the weather – and do something fun as a family. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea but we love it. And yeah, we get funny looks from some people as the 6 of us walk round parks & gardens with our screens in hand. But so what? We also meet plenty of other people doing exactly the same! And no matter what else, its fresh air, exercise, and a family activity.

Not to mention an extra few thousand steps for me and him that wouldn’t have happened otherwise! Lots more come the warmer weather.

Add me on Pokemon Go: 6195 0560 8588

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