Pokemon Go & Weight Loss: About Me

Starting a Pokemon Go & Weight Loss blog was just a bit of fun. Somewhere to practice my WordPress skills and to give me that extra push to keep going with the diet.

I’m Charlie, a 40 something married mum of 4 kids. After my family (obvs) the thing I love most is being online! I love to blog, to post, to share, to view, to play. My job is online, my hobbies are online, I live and breath it all. I never dreamed as a kid (back in the dark old days pre-internet) that I would find such joy in something I could use for fun as well as for a career.

Pokemon Go & Weight Loss

This site is all about the fun! Pokemon Go & Weight Loss! I have lost 6 stone in under a year and I’m still going.

Pokemon Go & Weight Loss - Chonky Pokemum - AsocialMermaid - Charlie Walker
Charlie Walker


I work in Ecommerce and Social Media Marketing. And I love what I do! Build a site, fill it with desirable things, find the best search words, fill social media with products and services, create stunning adverts and run PPC campaigns. There’s nothing not to love and the results of your hard work are clear and plain to see.

I am employed currently, but only a fool would turn their nose up at new and exciting opportunities so if you have a vacancy that needs filling take a look at my CV and Bio. Drop me an email. Let’s talk!

Let’s build something together.

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