I Chickened Out of Recording Audio

I half promised I’d be recording audio for that Minecraft clip on YouTube. I recorded some audio for that Minecraft clip using my phone’s Voice Recorder, played it back, and it was TERRIBLE so I have deleted it. I’ll try again soon. Honestly I will…. But I hate the sound of my own voice!

Being Shy Online

Meet Digital Me! I don’t like having my face out there so I have this AR Moji doing that old facey face stuff for me. If anyone has a link to a virtual voice for voice-overs then please please PLEASE drop me the link! I can type all day, but don’t make me stick a video of my face or my voice out there. *CRINGE*

Digital Me isn’t shy

The kids have caught wind of me starting up the TikTok and YouTube. They are excited and have dreams of Mummy becoming a massively popular YouTuber. Yikes! Talk about pressure! I’ve explained that this does not tend to happen to middle aged mothers. But it’s nice that they are up for it.

Today I have played about with how I might be able to make my weekly weigh in a little more exciting. There isn’t a whole lot I can do with it really, but I have a few ideas. Let’s see what happens on Saturday! I have also been experimenting more with Kapwing video editing and had some fun with Pokemon Go (Obvs!), there are a whole load more TikToks uploaded now.

Battling Cliff

I’ve picked up a small number of likes and followers so I think that’s OK going for now. I’ll keep learning, keep improving. You’ll have to check out my feed to see if I caught that Shadow Mew Two!

A bit earlier this evening I read a tweet saying the beta for Minecraft Bedrock was out. With goats! So I hopped on my tablet to record a quick video and my battery promptly died. I might get something recorded and posted tomorrow (absolutely not a way to postpone recording voice-overs!)

Since today’s conversation with work has left me feeling pretty flat about the future of my job I need to learn as much as I can about as many social media platforms as I can. I need to build that portfolio!

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