Playing Halloween Pokemon from my BED!

My poor phone can’t cope with all this pokemon hunting. Only midday a day I need to recharge because I’ve been playing constantly aaaaallll morning from the comfort of my cozy bed.

Spiritomb 2018, 2019 & 2020

I’ve completed the research for this years Spiritomb, and Galarian Yamask

New Yamask!

And I have my 2nd Costumed Gengar!

Love her!!!!

I’m more than half way through the Drifloom event – with 2 more shiny Drifs for my collection – but doubt I’ll get it finished. Way to many “great throws in a row” challenges. My throws ain’t that good or constant! But I’ll give it my best go.

Golden Balloons 🎈 💛 ✨ 😍

Time to get the phone charged up and sat in my phone wobbler… I have eggs to hatch and no other way of doing it.

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