No new eggs…

I’ve not had any of the new red eggs yet. And I’ve been battling away with space for new eggs. I guess one will drop eventually.

Is anyone else loving these Sierra images that are popping up all over Twitter? Gotta admit I kinda like this Bad Girl.

Counting down to Charmander day with great excitement! I have been saving my pinaps and stocking up on balls. Really set my dreams on a shundo or at least a good shiny. I have one half decent shiny Charizard… but Charmander is my all time favourite Pokemon so I’ll never have too many.

Lovely little flame boy 🥰

Kiddo 2 has his 11+ exam the same day and I am 100 times more nervous than he is. Catching a few Char’s will help keep my mind off the worry till he’s done.

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