Slow week

Half pound off. Happy with that.

This is not been an easy week. We all have the snots. Thankfully just a cold and not covid-19 but there’s always that niggle at the back of your mind. Eldest lads classmate passed it on to us and his whole family were tested and came back negative. But I have been sluggish and have devoured lemsips and strepcils like my life depended on them. They are both rammed with sugar and I haven’t pointed any of them.

Business is bad. There are serious covid fears and we are under local lockdown again as of Tuesday. If even one case of covid gets into the business we will all have to isolate. And the business will close. And not reopen. This is scary because my pay is our only income.

On the upside, Dads chemo is going well. 3rd session yesterday and the docs all say that it seems to be working! Him and stepmum are now thinking that – as there isn’t a crazy rush to get wed now – they might actually wait until they can do the deed in the UK so we can all attend!

The temptation to stress eat is very strong at the moment. Dad is improving but still ill and every trip to the hospital opens him up to exposure to covid. The threat of unemployment is very real and equally terrifying because of the impact it would have on my family. All of us worrying that maybe we had come into contact with the virus too has been added to the mix, and I have been wallowing in snot induced self pitty. Hellllooooooo junk food! I may have scoffed a few chocs last night that I shouldn’t have. But I’m back on track today.

So yeah. Half a pound? That’s good!

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