Weight Loss AND Pokemon Go? In one place? Well…. yes, why not? Fitness is important for weight loss, and I can’t think of a better way to exercise than walking about catching Pokemon. This isn’t just a weight loss journey, or just a pokemon journey. IT’S BOTH!

CHONKYpokemum: Weight Loss Journey

And I have been on-and-off with Weight Watchers for most of my adult life. Last year I started again with the aim of losing 6.5 stone long term. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic causing mayhem across the world I shifted 6 stone! So there’s not far to go (then there’s keeping it off!)

chonkyPOKEmum: Pokemon Go Journey

Seriously though, this is where I want to share both of these things that take up a huge part of my life. I’ve been playing Pokemon GO since the game’s launch. The hubby plays, the kids play, it’s a nice way for us to do stuff together outside in the fresh air.

chonkypokeMUM: I blog! About my kids & stuff!

Yeah, this is a blog, so what else would to expect to find here?

I write about my kids and being a parent as well as pokemon and dieting. Me and the Hubs have brought 4 kids into the world together. Check out my latest posts just below or click BLOG.

What I wrote lately

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The sort of shop…

I’ve started an affiliate shop (through Amazon) so you can browse and buy the same things I use for my diet, fitness, and gaming. If you want to – just remember that you aren’t buying them from me. This is a hobby not a business – I don’t hold stock and I don’t get paid. I just recommend.

What can you buy?

Thanks for reading this far. I hope you enjoy the blog. I love when people link up with me to check out the social media links, watch a couple of TikToks, and enjoy the Journey!

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