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An absolute MUST for any serious Pokemon Go player! Especially if you also have a Nintendo Switch with Let’s Go Pikachu and/or Let’s Go Eevee. Comes with MEW for the console games! You will not be buying this from me. This is an affiliate product which will be purchased through Amazon.

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Pokeball Plus
Nintendo Pokeball Plus

I use my Pokeball Plus every day!

The Pokeball Plus is easily one of the best Pokemon Go accessories you can have. I use mine EVERY DAY! It’s perfect for catching Pokemon on the go. It also comes with an adjustable wrist strap so you can pocket your phone and play while walking, running, or pretty much anything else you like. It is super easy to use and looks GREAT!

Pokemon GO

The Pokeball Plus syncs with your Pokemon Go app through bluetooth. The steps to connect it to the app are simple and found within the game itself – and here. A green flashing light means there is a pokemon within reach to catch. A yellow light means it’s one you haven’t got in your Dex yet! Tap the button on the top to attempt to catch the pokemon without using your phone screen. You get one shot with a red ball! If your light flashes red, you missed the pokemon (sad) but if you get rainbow lights then YAY that mon is yours! A blue light is a pokestop or gym in range ready to spin. Easy supplies on the go!

Let’s Go

Also Pokeball Plus works with Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee on the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite: use it as a controller to play the game, pop a pokemon in from the game and take your buddy for a walk for extra xp and candies. Through your pokeball your buddy pokemon will call out to you when you are away from the console! Press the button to play with your mon for an extra boost when you log back into the game.

Please note: You will not be buying this from me. This is an affiliate product which will be purchased through Amazon from an Amazon Seller, not directly from myself. I have not been asked to promote this product. I bought one and use it every day. This is a genuine recommendation.

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